Kate and Michael: Married! | Wildwood Wedding Photographer

Kate and Michael had the most memorable ceremony.  Held at the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in Wildwood, it was perfectly intimate.  The Lighthouse has beautiful gardens, and the timing made for that glowing kind of light I love so much.  I love when a couple just completely enjoys each other’s company and it shows in their pictures.  Makes my job so much easier!

Congratulations Kate and Michael!

Sneaky Peak! | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Summer is going by too fast.  I definitely haven’t been to Wildwood nearly as often as I’d like.  I go into every summer so optimistic that I’ll get to do all these things.  Its kind of like New Years when you make resolutions, but then you aren’t motivated to make them happen.  Ugh.

So, here I am.  Summer’s half over, and, workaholic that I am, I barely stopped to smell the flowers.  Forget having time to crack open the stack of books waiting for me to read them.  Before August is over, I will FORCE myself to take a long weekend to do nothing.  No cell phone, laptop, camera…. hmmm… okay MAYBE I need the camera.  See?!  It doesn’t stop.

Anyway……….I’ve got a bunch of posts coming up… so stay tuned.  Here’s a little snack to hold you over.

Sneak Peek! | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Hi.  I’m Kathryn and I’m a workaholic.  Seriously.  This summer I spent far more time working than I had anticipated.  I fully intended on going to the shore more often, and that didn’t happen.  And now I’m spending labor day weekend working and moving.  Yup.  Moving and a wedding.  What was I thinking?!

I definitely looked back at this summer and thought all my chances to build memories are just flying by.  I definitely need to make more of an effort to relax and enjoy life a little more.  Lesson learned!

On a positive note,  I’ve had some amazing opportunities with some amazing clients this summer.  Whitney and Matt are no exception.  This elegant couple’s wedding was my first time shooting in Baltimore.

I’ll definitely be posting more shots from these past few sneak peeks soon.  So, keep checking in and don’t be shy: leave a comment!:)

Whitney & Matt | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

The first time I met Whitney and Matt was over video chat.  Seriously.  Although we tried to meet ahead of time, it wasn’t easy since Whitney and Matt live in Maryland.  So, we improvised with a video consultation a few weeks prior to the wedding.  Without having an e-session or meeting prior to the wedding, it can be difficult to make a connection.  But the video chat made a big difference.  I hadn’t thought about using it before, but its a great alternative if needed.  So, lesson for all you brides out there:  if you can’t meet with some of your vendors ahead of time or you are planning from far away, try a google video chat or Skype.

So, I wanted to point out three things I loved about this wedding:

1.  Matt and Whitney…  Something about these two just screams romance to me.  (They’ll probably laugh that I said that, but trust me, you two.  Its there).

2.  The Belvedere- truly gorgeous venue and amazing service.

3.  Whitney has impeccable taste.

This was my first wedding in Baltimore and I hope to have more, especially if it means working with couples like Whitney and Matt.

While the guys waited for a very late party bus, I took lemons and made lemonade.

Sweet sister moment.  Being a sister, I truly appreciate this picture.  So cute.

Danielle & Fred: Married! | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Every wedding I find something that becomes my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes its the ceremony, or the preparation, or a simple moment between the couple.  But my favorite thing about Danielle and Fred’s wedding was the location for pictures… which was only enhanced by the couple and the bridal party.  Prophecy Creek Park never looked so good! ;)  I loved Danielle’s bright color choices.  Her flowers completed reflected her bright and cheerful personality.  Fred and Danielle are a very sweet couple that just so easily make each other smile.  Congratulations to you both!

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

You’ll be seeing more of this couple below.  I’m booked for their wedding next spring!

Julya and Tommy’s Engagement Session Part 2 | Atlantic City Engagement Photographer

After a quick wardrobe change, we were headed down the block for part two of Julya and Tommy’s engagement session.  Toes sinking into the sand, they set the blanket down and snuggled in close.  I stepped back and got myself situated into a semi-awkward shooting position.  As I peaked through the viewfinder and adjusted the settings, that’s when I saw it.  Their love… natural and happy.

Their love just shined through.  They weren’t worried about me or the camera.  They were relaxed and comfortable.  They trusted me and forgot I was there.  They were caught up in each others presence.  THAT is exactly why I love engagement sessions.

Engagement sessions aren’t about having some unnatural pictures to put in a newspaper.  Its about YOUR LOVE and stopping to enjoy your excitement.  I don’t care if you buy 50 prints from your engagement session or two.  What I care about is that I got to know them and they got to know me.  I got to know how they look at each other, how Tommy makes Julya laugh, and how she glows around him.  They got to know me and my quirks.  They learned what its like to work with me.  Before the session was over, I felt as if I’d known them forever.

The added bonus- the thing that makes it totally worth it… we really understand each other before the wedding day.  It’s one less thing to worry about on the day you say “I do.”  Because that should be your focus!  The celebration of YOUR LOVE.  Take it all in because it goes by so fast.  I can’t believe their wedding is just weeks away.  Can’t wait to see you both soon!

This image below is that exact moment- natural, happy, LOVE.

Thanks again to Events to a T for featuring Julya and Tommy on your blog!  I’m looking forward to working with you next month for their DC wedding!