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My blog is a library of stories . . . stories of people, life, and love.  The best part of my job is getting to know my clients and capturing their personalities with my camera.  I love pictures that show genuine emotion or an intimate moment.

I also love my husband, family & friends, books by Jane Green, wildwood, autumn leaves, the holiday spirit, a good pair of jeans, dancing, old school nintendo, twizzlers, and singing in the car… not necessarily in that particular order.  🙂

That’s just a little part of my story.  As you browse through my blog, you’ll learn a little more about me and my style of photography.  Maybe one day, I can tell your story!

Thanks to Onada Photography for my sweet profile pic!

New Service | Online Photography Instruction

Most of my wedding clientele may not realize this (and I don’t want to admit); but I do some product shots on the side.  It’s boring but it pays.  However, I’ve found a way to make it a little more fun and a little more artistic. I’ve been testing an idea of offering photography lessons to various bloggers – mostly in the recipe and cooking niche – to improve their photography skills and make their blogs shine.

My first test case was with Lynne of foodal.com.  Her blog focuses primarily on various types of cookware but she does have plenty of receipes as well.  Check out her blog!

I have worked with Lynne extensively through Skype in walking her through her new Nikon camera and helping her select some decent glass to improve her picture taking skills.  I’m not sure when I’ll be offering this service to the general public or what the pricing will be. I’m still using Lynne as my test case.  Check out some of her photography below!


Copper Cookware-tinned-bare-or-stainlessbest wooden cutting boardChoosing a Cutting board

Blushing with excitement | Boudoir Photography South Jersey

Summer is flying by! To say there is a lot going on would be an understatement. In the midst of wedding & session season, I’ve been collaborating on a new business venture. I’ve also been setting up The Beauty Project‘s website. I’m also currently working on re-branding my business (which is why my Facebook page is currently down). And of course, I’m enjoying the summer spending time with friends and family. While I’m careful on overly using the word “busy”, that might be the best word to use. But its a good kind of a busy. The kind of busy that fills up my soul with joy and goodness. The kind of busy that makes you really appreciate your health and life.

On that list of things keeping me busy is something that has me feeling incredibly grateful. I recently found a new, great friend- Missy from from Glamour Me Bridal. Right off the bat, Missy and I clicked. We just seemed to get each other. Our business visions were similar. Each time we get together, we have so many ideas that we can’t wait to get started. We’ve done a couple of photo shoots together, which you’ll be seeing the images very soon. In the meantime, here’s the really exciting news. We are partnering to offer Blushing Boudoir Sessions on Sunday, September 29th! This is your chance to give your hubby something special for a wedding gift, birthday or Christmas. Or do this for yourself! What’s really awesome about these sessions is that it makes you feel so good about yourself. Each time I’ve done one of these sessions my clients have felt such a boost of confidence and see their bodies in a much different light.

So, email me kc@kathryncroskey.com to book your spot now! Limited space is available.




Family Session | New Jersey Family Photographer

On a gorgeous day last month, I had a session with an old friend and her adorable family. It was the first time I’d seen Jill in years and she looked amazing.  Jill and her husband are perfect together.  They have so much celebrate:  their little boy is turning one and they have a baby girl on the way!  Congratulations on your beautiful and growing family!





This little guy felt sand for the first time!  You can almost imagine his thought process.  “Hmm, whats this stuff?  … Oh, this is gonna be good and messy…  Look Ma, its on my hands!  … Yup.  Definitely messy.  Time for a diaper change!”


The Glow of a New Mom | South Jersey Newborn Photographer

In my last post, I unveiled The Beauty Project and received SO much positive feedback from it.  I really appreciate it and love reading the nominations.  Please keep them coming!  I’m ecstatic to share more about The Beauty Project next month.  Thank you again for all your positive and encouraging support about this new venture.

Speaking of new, there is nothing quite like the excitement of a newborn baby and seeing the gorgeous glow of a brand new mom.  A new baby gets so much attention with everyone itching to snuggle that bundle of joy, but, as much as I want to hold the little nugget, I also want to hear all about the new mom’s emotions.  I love watching her beam with happiness and see her eyes sparkle with joy.  While she’s telling all about the freshness of motherhood, I am in awe of how beautiful she looks.  I revel seeing her maternal instincts kick in.  There is nothing more beautiful than watching a woman transform into a mother.  I pray that she basks in this glory because these moments are so fleeting.  I pray that she feels the most beautiful she has ever felt because she is stunning.  And that baby?  He is every ounce of perfection.

Congratulations to all the new moms out there.  If you know a new mom who needs to be reminded of her beauty, please nominate her for The Beauty Project by emailing me at kc@kathryncroskey.com.










Announcing … The Beauty Project | Philadelphia Women’s Photographer

Announcing … The Beauty Project | Philadelphia Women’s Photographer

Every woman has something or several things she is self conscious about.  More often than not, a client will tell me exactly what she doesn’t like about herself.  “I don’t like my forehead.”    “I have such dark bags under my eyes.”  And, of course, there is the common joke about shaving a few pounds off in Photoshop.
I get it.  I have a long list of things I don’t like about myself.  Any time a woman gets pictures back she immediately zeros in on everything she doesn’t like.  It’s so easy to fixate on those things we don’t like about ourselves.  What’s interesting is that most people don’t notice those things we obsess over.   Dove has outdone themselves proving this problem. (Yet another reason why I love this company and their mission.)  The lesson learned is that the critic in our head is much too loud – that nasty voice tells us that we aren’t good enough, strong enough, pretty enough.  But guess what?  You are pretty.  You are strong.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  It’s time to squash the critic, ladies.  With that, I am so happy to introduce The Beauty Project.
I’ve had this idea on my mind and in my heart since last summer.  I encouraged my good friend Shannon to do a photo shoot because she was going through a major life change and feeling a million negative emotions.  I knew the session would be really fun and the end result would make her feel great.  What I didn’t expect is how it would transform her.  In her words:
“These pictures made me feel amazing.  Maybe all the doubts about how chubby I am or what problem spots I have actually aren’t that bad.
Every woman should feel beautiful no matter what flaws she has.”
Many women only experience those feelings about themselves from their wedding pictures.  One day is not enough.  And what about the women who haven’t experienced that kind of day?  It just didn’t sit well with me.  I want women to feel that great about themselves on a regular basis.  I felt compelled to take action and bring this idea to life.
The Beauty Project is a personal photo project capturing a woman’s beauty and telling her story.  The Beauty Project is intended to be a positive, uplifting, and inspiring experience.  It’s designed to make each woman focus on her beauty and see herself in authentic light.
I will be featuring women admired for their inner and outer beauty.  I am taking nominations now!  So, nominate your best friend for her passion and strength.  Nominate your sister for her happy spirit and success.  Nominate your mentor who is living her best life and inspires you.  Whoever she is, tell us what makes her beautiful.  What characteristics does she have?  Why is she special?  Spill all the positive details!  Selected candidates will take part in a custom photo session that fits the style of each candidate, whether it’s high-fashion, boudoir, or simply natural.  It’s all about a positive, uplifting experience that shows she is truly beautiful.
Want to be a part of this experience?  Know someone who would?  Here’s what you need to do:  Post a comment on the blog, on our Facebook page or send an email to kc@kathryncroskey.com with your contact info, her contact info and why you are nominating her.  Tell us about her and tell us about YOU.  The photo shoot might just include both of you!   Feel free to include pictures, links, stories … whatever you think will be helpful.
If you walk away from this post without nominating yourself or someone else, I ask that you take this message with you.  Emphasize the things you love about yourself as opposed to the things you don’t.  Let’s focus on positivity.  Let’s focus on real beauty – inside and out.  Spread that message to your friends.  Encouragement and compliments have a lasting impact.
In fact, say it to yourself – You are beautiful.

Julya and Tommy’s Engagement Session Part 2 | Atlantic City Engagement Photographer

After a quick wardrobe change, we were headed down the block for part two of Julya and Tommy’s engagement session.  Toes sinking into the sand, they set the blanket down and snuggled in close.  I stepped back and got myself situated into a semi-awkward shooting position.  As I peaked through the viewfinder and adjusted the settings, that’s when I saw it.  Their love… natural and happy.

Their love just shined through.  They weren’t worried about me or the camera.  They were relaxed and comfortable.  They trusted me and forgot I was there.  They were caught up in each others presence.  THAT is exactly why I love engagement sessions.

Engagement sessions aren’t about having some unnatural pictures to put in a newspaper.  Its about YOUR LOVE and stopping to enjoy your excitement.  I don’t care if you buy 50 prints from your engagement session or two.  What I care about is that I got to know them and they got to know me.  I got to know how they look at each other, how Tommy makes Julya laugh, and how she glows around him.  They got to know me and my quirks.  They learned what its like to work with me.  Before the session was over, I felt as if I’d known them forever.

The added bonus- the thing that makes it totally worth it… we really understand each other before the wedding day.  It’s one less thing to worry about on the day you say “I do.”  Because that should be your focus!  The celebration of YOUR LOVE.  Take it all in because it goes by so fast.  I can’t believe their wedding is just weeks away.  Can’t wait to see you both soon!

This image below is that exact moment- natural, happy, LOVE.

Thanks again to Events to a T for featuring Julya and Tommy on your blog!  I’m looking forward to working with you next month for their DC wedding!

Danielle & Fred: Married! | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Every wedding I find something that becomes my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes its the ceremony, or the preparation, or a simple moment between the couple.  But my favorite thing about Danielle and Fred’s wedding was the location for pictures… which was only enhanced by the couple and the bridal party.  Prophecy Creek Park never looked so good! ;)  I loved Danielle’s bright color choices.  Her flowers completed reflected her bright and cheerful personality.  Fred and Danielle are a very sweet couple that just so easily make each other smile.  Congratulations to you both!

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

You’ll be seeing more of this couple below.  I’m booked for their wedding next spring!

Whitney & Matt | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

The first time I met Whitney and Matt was over video chat.  Seriously.  Although we tried to meet ahead of time, it wasn’t easy since Whitney and Matt live in Maryland.  So, we improvised with a video consultation a few weeks prior to the wedding.  Without having an e-session or meeting prior to the wedding, it can be difficult to make a connection.  But the video chat made a big difference.  I hadn’t thought about using it before, but its a great alternative if needed.  So, lesson for all you brides out there:  if you can’t meet with some of your vendors ahead of time or you are planning from far away, try a google video chat or Skype.

So, I wanted to point out three things I loved about this wedding:

1.  Matt and Whitney…  Something about these two just screams romance to me.  (They’ll probably laugh that I said that, but trust me, you two.  Its there).

2.  The Belvedere- truly gorgeous venue and amazing service.

3.  Whitney has impeccable taste.

This was my first wedding in Baltimore and I hope to have more, especially if it means working with couples like Whitney and Matt.

While the guys waited for a very late party bus, I took lemons and made lemonade.

Sweet sister moment.  Being a sister, I truly appreciate this picture.  So cute.